I made granola bars and they were actually good. Yay, no preservatives!



treasure hunt!

I love the treasure hunt of antique stores and finally found the milk glass bread pan I'd been searching for for years! Made some zucchini bread to celebrate. ;)


There really isn't anything better than fresh tomatoes right in the backyard!


ball jarring

Too many banana peppers to eat. :)


from scratch

I'd been hearing how easy pizza dough is to make so I thought I should try it. I don't know that it was easy, but it was easier than one would think. And totally worth it! Plus, banana peppers from the garden!

I always thought I'd end up alone and turn into a cat lady. Turns out I found a man and became a cat lady. ;)



Baking brownies in a mini muffin pan is a very good idea!


Nothing is as cool as eating food you grew!


That couple is crazy. I love this show!



A year and two days! Did anyone even notice? Anyone besides Ward? Hi Ward. ;) The whole reason I started this blog was to keep my focus on the good things in life instead of my boring job (not my job now) and horrific dating life. So of course when found the job I wanted and even more so, Justin, I wasn't focused on my happiness b/c it was just there. Everyday! And better than ever. ;) I'm still happy, but I do miss taking photos of everything and messing with them in photoshop... orrrr Instagram b/c it's just so easy. So today I'm kind of cheating b/c we're being lazy from a SOFUN weekend. Some friends from PA stayed a couple of nights and we grilled out Saturday with more. Sarah tweeted that she looked around and thought "I really like these people." I couldn't have said it better!


I was leaving Subway® at lunch time and saw the lady's tour bus! Made me regret not getting tickets to her show tonight though.



Finally found a farmer's market on my side of town. :)


Sushi for din din and Kathy G on the DVR. Also, those Lipton cold brews aren't too bad... don't be a tea snob! ;)


Finally did it -- woo woo, those are STRONG!