ladies... all together now!

Since there is nothing on tv, I've been resorting to the Glamour magazines that have been coming in the mail for free. When I saw this page about new year's resolutions, I literally laughed out loud. I had to cut it out and post it on the fridge! I'm notorious for texting the exes and I really, really must STOP!

p.s. Thats SJP waving us all good luck! ;)


happy sugar

A friend told me that I deserved a brownie for making a very good decision... she made me eat it, you guys! For the best brownies ever ever ever... go to Goose the Market!


friends are calling yoo hoo

Despite my hatred of snow, it was quite lovely today! I even drove the long way home after lunch and a movie with one of my favorite girl friends !


un-decking my halls

I'm quite the grinch when it comes to christmas decorations and took them down first thing this morning... except this one! A super-awesome group took the top of the former RCA dome and recycled it into ornaments (and wallets, bags, etc...). I was so impressed by their creativity when I saw them at the Walker Building during first fridays that I gleefully bought several for my Colts-fanatic friends. Click here to find out how you can get your own.


lots of laughs watching a 3-year-old drive

After 14 years, I feel like my blended family has finally accepted the blend. This was one of the best christmases I've have in a long time. I hope you all had great ones too! :)


one of my favorite dudes

The quickness of kids, the low-lighting of homes, the non-adjusting camera... what's a girl to do? Shoulda brought the SLR!