I was leaving Subway® at lunch time and saw the lady's tour bus! Made me regret not getting tickets to her show tonight though.



Finally found a farmer's market on my side of town. :)


Sushi for din din and Kathy G on the DVR. Also, those Lipton cold brews aren't too bad... don't be a tea snob! ;)


Finally did it -- woo woo, those are STRONG!


What is it w/ getting older that makes you start to enjoy things that you used to hate? Country music is slowly seeping in and the song Johnny and June has been on repeat! I wanna love like Johnny and June, you guys!

Adele is included in my screen shot b/c she's been on repeat too -- love!


I woke up early this morning craving granola blueberry pancakes from Le Peep, but wasn't feeling social or happy enough to call anyone to go there with. So I made some myself with the first recipe I could find online and bought a hazelnut coffee at Panera. Despite my bad flipping skills, they turned out pretty awesome.


Despite the fact that I hate getting dirty, the Mudathlon was pretty awesome! I have to say though, the best part of the day was that my friend picked me up and took me to dinner. I had a mad-crazy headache from the whole day and had nothing in the apt to eat. Isn't it crazy how something so fun and expensive can't top the simpleness of dinner and not having to drive?


My new favorite place in the condo. :) Check out my basil, it's still alive! Also, my new chair is FSC certified. I didn't think anything other than paper could be so that was kinda geekily cool.


You know you're at an art thing when there is a line of Vespas outside! :)


newest addiction

I ordered a hummus bagel at one my favorite spots recently and loved it so much that I had to make one myself... or maybe one everyday for like 5 days. :) Sarah got me hooked on these new thin buns that are just amazing toasted and you can have a sandwich w/o all of the fatty bread. Yay! So I toast those, spread on some of my homemade hummus (b/c I don't know for sure, but I figure there is tons of sodium in those pre-made ones and plus, a can of chickpeas is tons cheaper) and then add some sprouts, radishes and drizzle some olive oil on top. Sooooo amazing, you guys! And EASY! Those buns are also great for Nutella®. Don't you guys love that stuff?!



Check out what I won last night in the auction! Love her. :)



I was driving home and talking on the phone (get over it, Oprah!) -- listening about a marriage that was ending b/c of a man's lies... and then I fittingly passed by a semi full of PIGS! hahahaha



I don't have a green thumb by any means, but basil is freaking expensive so I bought a little plant at the farmer's market today. I had to get a little pot too - hopefully it grows and doesn't get blown over!

Along with the plant I bought "live basil" and made my favorite bruschetta with it. mmmmmm And I had a waffle from Taste Cafè for breakfast -- wonderful day of eating. :)



Maybe this doesn't count... and my photo certainly doesn't show me as volunteering BUT a client had a volunteer day planting trees with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful and asked us (my coworkers) to join them. So we helped plant a tree and picked up trash -- here was the most fun part though... swinging. :)



our cruise ship

I went on a cruise! It wasn't the nicest ship by any means, but we were off of it and in different greek islands and Turkey most of the time.



30 before 30 check marks

So I finally made it to my first farmer's market! It was fun to go with a married friend and see the difference in our purchases - like her choice of the largest squash and my selection of the smallest. I've cooked for boyfriends, but having a full-time man to cook for... that would take some getting used to! Don't get me wrong though, I'm totally up for it! ;)

The "new" downtown library has been open for like, forever... but I guess I was scared to go by myself and thought my friends would think I was silly for asking them to go with me. Sarah is totally my up for anything friend so we visited for the first time together! It is beautiful!

Also, the CD section reminded me of my summer days in high school when my best friend and I lived out by my parents pool and then at a used CD place where we listened to just about everything in the store. That place was where I discovered my love for Beck with his Mutations album. I checked out a few discs and so far am a fan of People in Planes.


happy UNvalentine's day

The best way to ignore the valentine's day blues -- through an unvalentine's day brunch for your single girls + one married bff! I had tons of fun decorating, cooking, girl-talking and drinking sangria! There was no time left to think about silly boys.

Also, a brunch is a dinner party, right?? So check mark on the 30 before 30. :)


go colts!

Turns out blue jello® makes green baked goods. :( Guess I should have remembered my Colts cupcakes back in '07. Those babies won an award at our work pitch-in though! ;)



I haven't quite decided if this shirt is ridiculous or cute. For whatever reason, I wandered into a store that I hate and that is probably too young for me considering I'm almost THIRTY (omg!). Either way, I had fun wearing it. :)


tomato tart

Recipe from Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook.

I invited my friend, Marc, over to watch the Grammy's and instead of ordering fatty pizza, I made a tomato tart. It was actually quite tasty although if you make it - I'd suggest adding more cheese than the recipe calls for. And maybe use heirloom tomatoes - yum!



cookie love

Whew, finally marked something off of my 30 before 30 list! Heidelberg German Bakery is where I got the small cookies... they're okay. I really wanted a sugar cookie though, so I headed to Boyden's and was excited to see Colts sugar cookies! :)


food + win

The combination of brussel sprouts and egg noodles is quite nice. You can't forget the capers in this, they add the perfect little bit of flavor.

Oh yeah, and the Colts are going to the superbowl! :D


best yogurt

I am in love with Trader's Point Creamery. You just can't leave there w/o a meal and some yogurt for home!


bread salad

A friend once made this for me and I've been hooked ever since. I'm not sure exactly how she made hers, but I made up my own recipe from how I remembered it. Bread, tomatoes, garlic, onion, red pepper, lettuce, green onion, thyme, basil, salt, pepper, olive oil and red wine vinegar. Yum!


dream parking spot

When a Jimmy Johns craving hits and you are downtown w/o an umbrella, a good parking spot is quite exciting! :)



I picked up this ring from an antique store last Saturday for $5 and I am totally loving it! At the time, I had too much in my hands to really take a good look at it so I didn't even notice that the stone isn't a stone at all... it's a plastic bead! I thought it was charming. :)


pony tails

Last summer I dated this rude boy who tried to mold me into his ex-fiancè. One of his many requests of me was to grow out my hair. Even though that ridiculousness only lasted a few weeks, I was kinda into the idea of letting it get longer. Today I realized that I can fit it into a pony tail on the top of my head and have been loving it all night. :)


tomato, rice and sausage soup

This may be the best thing I've ever cooked. I'm not even exaggerating! I even used turkey sausage instead of andouille. Oh my, thank you Martha!

My baking chocolate expired in 2007 so out of desperation, I used some dark hershey kisses and it was amazing! Loving Martha today. :)

Recipes from Martha Stewart's Dinner at Home.


being supportive ;)

I have this awesome Colts t-shirt with the weirdest neck. Today, I finally figured out how to sport it! A short sweater so the Colts graphic hangs out a little. I love it. :) Go Colts, y'all. :)



Recipe from Martha's new cookbook, Dinner at Home.

I have to admit, this wasn't all that great. I think it's b/c I don't like clams (this was my first time eating a clam). Maybe I just didn't make them right. I certainly don't enjoy the way they've made my condo smell... but the shells were pretty... and I tried something new... and the recipe called for wine so I had to drink some since the bottle was open... so... :)


reading, reading, reading...

My Sophie Kinsella loving friend lent me Twenties Girl last Tuesday and I was reminded why I don't buy/borrow books. I've spent so much time reading and today... it was all I did besides going to Starbucks for a tea. I couldn't put it down! I finished it! It was relaxing though and I sat next to the window enjoying the rare winter sunshine. :) I'll be productive tomorrow. :)



Mimosas and great food with lovely girl-friends is a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I brought potatoes and fruit salad.



I may hate the looks of these boots more than the snow, but they're going to keep my feet warm and dry! :) The older I get, the more I understand why old folks love Florida.


omg omg omg

You guys! My favorite tv show, The Big Bang Theory, won a People's Choice award tonight!


ooooh, memories :)

I looked over while at a stop light to see this little dance studio with a bouncy girl bopping about inside. I couldn't help but remember all of those dance lessons I took as a little lady... and how absolutely worthless they were b/c I'm still a terrible dancer. :)



I watched Mannequin while I made ratatouille - a movie I loved when I was kid. Until tonight, I had no idea it was Samantha Jones from SATC! Too fun. :)

Recipe from A Homemade Life.



Ooooops, forgot to take a pic. Mojitos in the middle of the afternoon! I drank 'em... you'll just have to believe me. ;)


natural cure

The best thing for a headache is a bunch of fruit, veggies and vitamins all mixed up in your magic bullet!

30 before 30

I'm taking inspiration from Slice of Pink and making a 30 before 30 list. Only one year to do it! Let me know if you'd like to join in any of the list - I don't want to do it alone! :)

1. Check out a book from the library.

2. Go on a cruise.

3. Go to a farmer's market.

4. Throw a dinner party.

5. Sky dive.

6. Make my mom's chicken and noodles.

7. Drink a dirty martini.

8. Run a 5K under 30 minutes.

9. Volunteer.

10. Post photos to istockphoto.

11. Buy a painting.

12. Visit Upland Brewery.

13. Go to a poetry reading.

14. Visit the Container Store.

15. Wear a dress to work everyday for a week.

16. Cook an asian meal.

17. Visit a weird museum.

18. Have tea at the Morris-Butler House.

19. Take a road trip to a state I've never been.

20. Play tennis w/ some one other than my mom.

21. Learn to knit.

22. Watch 5 of AFI's top rated movies.

23. Buy a large cookie from a bakery I've never been.

24. Buy a meal for a homeless person.

25. Take a bath with candles like they do in the movies.

26. Go to a parade.

27. Visit another country.

28. Make something cool (cooking doesn't count).

29. Learn a new photography technique.

30. Celebrate my last day as a 20-something FABULOUSLY!