Finally did it -- woo woo, those are STRONG!


What is it w/ getting older that makes you start to enjoy things that you used to hate? Country music is slowly seeping in and the song Johnny and June has been on repeat! I wanna love like Johnny and June, you guys!

Adele is included in my screen shot b/c she's been on repeat too -- love!


I woke up early this morning craving granola blueberry pancakes from Le Peep, but wasn't feeling social or happy enough to call anyone to go there with. So I made some myself with the first recipe I could find online and bought a hazelnut coffee at Panera. Despite my bad flipping skills, they turned out pretty awesome.


Despite the fact that I hate getting dirty, the Mudathlon was pretty awesome! I have to say though, the best part of the day was that my friend picked me up and took me to dinner. I had a mad-crazy headache from the whole day and had nothing in the apt to eat. Isn't it crazy how something so fun and expensive can't top the simpleness of dinner and not having to drive?


My new favorite place in the condo. :) Check out my basil, it's still alive! Also, my new chair is FSC certified. I didn't think anything other than paper could be so that was kinda geekily cool.


You know you're at an art thing when there is a line of Vespas outside! :)