30 before 30 check marks

So I finally made it to my first farmer's market! It was fun to go with a married friend and see the difference in our purchases - like her choice of the largest squash and my selection of the smallest. I've cooked for boyfriends, but having a full-time man to cook for... that would take some getting used to! Don't get me wrong though, I'm totally up for it! ;)

The "new" downtown library has been open for like, forever... but I guess I was scared to go by myself and thought my friends would think I was silly for asking them to go with me. Sarah is totally my up for anything friend so we visited for the first time together! It is beautiful!

Also, the CD section reminded me of my summer days in high school when my best friend and I lived out by my parents pool and then at a used CD place where we listened to just about everything in the store. That place was where I discovered my love for Beck with his Mutations album. I checked out a few discs and so far am a fan of People in Planes.


happy UNvalentine's day

The best way to ignore the valentine's day blues -- through an unvalentine's day brunch for your single girls + one married bff! I had tons of fun decorating, cooking, girl-talking and drinking sangria! There was no time left to think about silly boys.

Also, a brunch is a dinner party, right?? So check mark on the 30 before 30. :)


go colts!

Turns out blue jello® makes green baked goods. :( Guess I should have remembered my Colts cupcakes back in '07. Those babies won an award at our work pitch-in though! ;)



I haven't quite decided if this shirt is ridiculous or cute. For whatever reason, I wandered into a store that I hate and that is probably too young for me considering I'm almost THIRTY (omg!). Either way, I had fun wearing it. :)