I was driving home and talking on the phone (get over it, Oprah!) -- listening about a marriage that was ending b/c of a man's lies... and then I fittingly passed by a semi full of PIGS! hahahaha



I don't have a green thumb by any means, but basil is freaking expensive so I bought a little plant at the farmer's market today. I had to get a little pot too - hopefully it grows and doesn't get blown over!

Along with the plant I bought "live basil" and made my favorite bruschetta with it. mmmmmm And I had a waffle from Taste Cafè for breakfast -- wonderful day of eating. :)



Maybe this doesn't count... and my photo certainly doesn't show me as volunteering BUT a client had a volunteer day planting trees with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful and asked us (my coworkers) to join them. So we helped plant a tree and picked up trash -- here was the most fun part though... swinging. :)



our cruise ship

I went on a cruise! It wasn't the nicest ship by any means, but we were off of it and in different greek islands and Turkey most of the time.