happy UNvalentine's day

The best way to ignore the valentine's day blues -- through an unvalentine's day brunch for your single girls + one married bff! I had tons of fun decorating, cooking, girl-talking and drinking sangria! There was no time left to think about silly boys.

Also, a brunch is a dinner party, right?? So check mark on the 30 before 30. :)


Anonymous said...

Hullo! Just wanted to say I caught your hilarious note over at PassiveAggressive - it isn't often I see someone from Indy, not to mention downtown, and it makes me happy to see there is at least one other person from this state who views the same sites I do! So, anyway, hi. :)


Brooke said...

Hi Jennifer! The creator of that site was in a panel at SXSW that I went to last year and I've been wanting a note to submit ever since. :)

Love your blog - that kitty is too cute!